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Vulnerability Management Services

As IT systems become increasingly complex, we will help you spot any vulnerabilities that arise.

Your network is increasingly under threat

With the recent increases in work practices such as remote working, cloud computing, and BYOD, IT infrastructure vulnerabilities are rising across all industries.

Unfortunately, many of these vulnerabilities cannot be detected by standard controls or traditional security systems. This lack of protection makes it easier for cybercriminals and other rogue users to breach your IT defenses and compromise your information and operations.

You only have to look at the recent news headlines to see how serious a problem criminal activity such as malware can cause a company or organisation.

Enterprise Defence’s Vulnerability Management Services can precisely target your network and find those vulnerabilities. We assess the risk of exposure that your data and operations are under and maintain that insight with a Continual Service Improvement process. This assessment gives you a complete picture of how secure your IT is at any particular moment, helping you defend it against any threats – now and in the future.

What is Vulnerability Management?

As we have already said, vulnerability management aims to protect your assets against exposure to cybercriminals.

We do this by conducting a thorough search of your IT infrastructure using vulnerability scanners, databases, testing, and various other tools. The sorts of vulnerabilities that we often find include:

Vulnerabilities in code

Inadequate authentication and authorisation mechanisms

Weak access controls and passwords

Once the vulnerabilities in your system have been identified, we can evaluate how severe a threat each of them is. This evaluation allows you to prioritise those threats and deal with the most serious ones first.

We can also provide you with strategies that will help you ensure the vulnerabilities in your system are quickly dealt with.

How will vulnerability management benefit your organisation?

At Enterprise Defence, we offer the latest vulnerability technology, managed by experts in the field. This combination of tech and experience dramatically reduces the risk of network breaches. It eases the pressure on your IT department while giving you the expertise and support you need to keep your business safe.

The benefits of vulnerability management include:

Fast identification and classification of security vulnerabilities and weaknesses

Reduced risk of the vulnerabilities that could lead to a harmful cyber attack

Custom reporting and proactive identification of potential impacts

And vulnerability management can help your company help in other ways too:

It establishes a “best practice” for vulnerability management throughout your organisation

It provides proof of due diligence on your part and can boost your network’s credibility with any potential clients.

Leave it to the experts in vulnerability management

When data is such a big business, and many companies are under threat from cyber-criminals, vulnerability management is vital. But can your existing IT department handle the extra workload? And are they up to speed on the latest practices?

By using Enterprise Defence, you harness the knowledge of specialists in vulnerability management, along with the latest tools. We work alongside you and find out precisely what you need to make your IT infrastructure as secure as possible, protecting your network – and your organisation – from disaster.

And because our solutions are agile, they can change and develop as your company grows.
If you would like to know how we can defend you from cybercriminals looking to exploit your IT vulnerabilities, contact Enterprise Defence today!

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