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Architecture Design
and Review

Make sure your business network is future-proofed against the ever-increasing number of threats out there.

Start at the bottom

It is helpful to think of IT architecture as the foundation of a building. Get the building’s foundations right, and you can successfully build the rest of your structure upon it. Get them wrong, and you will face problems and even a collapse.

IT architecture works similarly. The aim is to create a solid foundation for your other IT services to be built upon so that they can best support your business goals.

Good IT architecture is future-proofed. At Enterprise Defence, we understand that as your company’s IT needs change and grow, a solid IT architecture will allow you to reconfigure your network with the minimum of disruption.


A crucial part of IT architecture design is balancing the different needs placed on your network. This includes the needs of:




External services

From just this short (and incomplete) list, you can see that taking all these concerns into account can lead to over-complexity. And there are times when some of these may appear to have conflicting needs from your network. It is the job of the IT architect to resolve any conflicts and make sure everyone can make the most of your network while keeping it as simple as possible.

How we make your IT work harder for you.

It should be clear by now that IT architecture can help your business reach its objectives in as efficient a way as possible. Our expert team of design architects can optimize your existing structure and build upon it.

We can help you:

Plan the direction your technology should take to achieve your business goals

Assess if your current plan is helping you to achieve those goals – and what could be done to improve it

Uncover any conflicts – and help resolve them

Make sure that your network is scalable and future-proofed as much as possible

Identify any artefacts or components that can be re-used (to save you any unnecessary expense)

Promote good practice

By the end of the review and design, your infrastructure could be more:





And easier to maintain

Make sure your IT is fit for your purpose

If you would like to make sure your IT is fit for purpose, now and in the future, you should contact us at Enterprise Defence. Our leading industry design experts can help build a scalable and secure IT infrastructure and ensure you have the latest technology for the job. We start with a complimentary workshop. We want to learn why you want to review and redesign your IT architecture. What are your reasons and ambitions?

We then take that knowledge and use it to develop a strategy based on where your IT infrastructure is now, where you want it to be, and how to get it there. But our job isn’t finished once we have implemented the plan. We evaluate the results of our work with several objective assessments, such as network visibility, data control, bandwidth, latency, and more.

And we present all this information online in a user-friendly dashboard.

So, to help your IT help your business, get in touch with us!

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