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Enterprise Defence
Managed SIEM Service

We’ll identify any unusual activity on your business network. It could be a cyber-attack.

The Problem

With the explosion in remote working, IT security has moved front and centre for many companies. This is understandable. Employees are increasingly using their own devices for work purposes, and they are not always working on the most secure networks.

It is getting increasingly difficult for businesses and organisations to keep their IT secure. And because of these difficulties, they are more exposed to a greater number of threats – and more harmful ones. For example, 27% of Malware incidents are Ransomware attacks, such as the Colonial Pipeline Ransomware hack. The problems this caused for the company itself and fuel supplies for the US East Coast show how severe a problem Malware attacks can be.

The Solution – Part One

Fortunately, there is an effective defence against Malware attacks: Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).

SIEM analyses your IT network’s data across your entire organisation. It looks at the historical information and what is currently happening, then homes in on any abnormal behaviour – which may be a cyber-attack.

The Solution – Part Two

However, if your business is too busy doing business, you may find that SIEM is an extra job that you cannot fit into your workload.

That is why Enterprise Defence offers a managed SIEM service, taking care of it for your company and giving you the coverage and flexibility you need.

The Offering

Our managed SIEM offers businesses such as yours several features to protect your IT network. This includes:

Real-Time Operational Context for Rapid Security Analytics, to detect threats before they do any harm

UEBA Analytics, to help you understand when users behave in an appropriate manner

Performance Monitoring that shows how the infrastructure powering your business is doing

Baselining and Statistical Anomaly Detection, which enables you to understand how your network should behave – and so spot the “bad guys” when it doesn’t

Real-Time Configuration Change Monitoring shows you who and what changes on your network

External Threat Intelligence Integrations, which integrates with similar platforms, giving you more protection for your money

We also collect logs from all your users and provide out-of-the-box compliance reports that reduce the time and effort you need to compile them.

This information is provided through dashboards that can be customised to your own needs and make management reporting simple. Add to that round-the-clock monitoring 365 days a year, plus the ability to scale as your company grows and changes, and you have the most secure protection against every kind of cyber-attack.

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The Next Steps

So, if you are interested in providing your company with a secure defence against an ever-increasing number of threats handled by experts, get in touch with us here at Enterprise Defence.

We will hold a complimentary workshop with you to understand what your aims are for your business.

We will use that information to create a plan that identifies your current situation and a strategy to take it to where you want your IT security to be.

And once we implement that plan, we make sure it’s working by continually assessing its fitness for the purpose of giving you round-the-clock peace of mind. Please get in touch by completing the below contact form.

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