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Managed WAF Services

We will protect your and your customers’ data with around-the-clock monitoring.

A problem that isn’t going away

Web application attacks are one of the most severe threats to IT services today. These are attacks on your websites and external web portals that criminals use to access your e-commerce or portal data. And the number of ransomware attacks that hit the headlines recently shows that this is a problem that is continuing to grow.

7 out of 10 environments will be attacked up to 40 times a year (and many are attacked even more). Up to 43% of IT network breaches in 2020, were traced back to attacks through web applications.

You do not need to be told how much harm a single successful attack can do to your company, and to know that your website is under this ongoing threat can be disconcerting.

A solution to that Problem

Fortunately, there is a solution: web application firewalls (or WAFs).

A WAF is a practical approach to defend your web applications and portal data. It can understand incoming traffic and identify – and intercept – any attacks.

But WAFs do need to be managed and finely tuned to effectively protect your website. If they are too thorough in their interception, they can block legitimate traffic to your website (which can be just as harmful to your business).

Or they can be tuned down so far that they become ineffective (which is just a waste of your company’s finances).

What is more, if you bring in an expert to manage your web application firewall, you do not need to divert your precious time protecting your business. You can get on with growing your business!

As specialists in this field, Enterprise Defence can take this problem off your hands. We will expertly manage your web application firewall to strike a balance between over-protection and zero-protection. (So, your business can continue to run with a minimum of interruptions).

Our Managed Web Application Firewall Services will filter and monitor to and from a web application. It identifies regular usage patterns and spots anything out of the ordinary. If necessary, it will then block traffic it considers potentially harmful to you.

Features of our
Managed WAF

Our Managed WAF service comes with many features, including:

Machine Learning and AI – provides superior protection and peace of mind

Data protection for your internal and customer-sensitive data

Smart Caching – which gives you a faster end-user experience

And with round the clock monitoring, you can rest assured that our experts are fully protecting your business applications and websites every day of the year.

The Next Steps

Please get in touch if you are interested in having your website and data protected by industry specialists.

We will schedule a (complimentary) workshop to understand your current situation and where you want to be.

We will then work out a strategy to get you there. And provide a practical solution that will be scalable as the needs of your business change over time. Once our solution is implemented, we objectively evaluate the results and adapt the solution if necessary. Plus, we provide you with all this information in an easy-to-understand dashboard.

Contact Enterprise Defence today and let’s start giving your company the protection it needs.

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