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RansomCare (RC)

Secure your organisation, reputation and bottom line when other security solutions fail.

IT Security Enterprise Defence

The last line of defence that detects and stops active ransomware

RansomCare (RC) is an agentless solution offering from Enterprise Defence. It proactively monitors the activity on file and cloud shares .

Once the solution detects anything suspicious for example file corruption, it automatically triggers a response. Straight away the compromised user device is isolated and disabled, while encrypting your data.

When all other security solutions in your organisations defence strategy fail , we give you that critical layer of protection.

How RansomCare (RC) Works?

Monitor And Detect

Data activity on file shares is actively monitored in real time.  All activity is displayed on a dashboard , so you have full visibility of the solutions immediate response for any attack that happens in your organisation. Instantly detects ongoing illegitimate encryption.

Isolate And Quarantine

Our solution identifies and isolates the user and client initiating the encryption on your organisations devices. It deploys built-in scripts to isolate the affected user and stop the unexpected file encryption from taking place within seconds.

Recover And Report

After an unexpected file encryption takes place , there will be an exact list automatically complied. The end user device is then shut down.The automated ransomware breach can then be submitted in a timely manner to the regulated compliance entities.

How effective are your existing security controls at preventing Ransomware Attacks?
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What Happens In The Ransomware Assessment?

We Assess the risk to your organisation

Does your current security setup allow you to identify the user and device that initiated the outbreak (Patient Zero)?

Do you have the ability to immediately stop illegitimate encryption before significant damage occurs?

Do you have complete visibility over what files have been encrypted and their location?

Ransomware Assessment Enterprise Defence

Enterprise Defence ransomware assessment allows us to provide every organisation with the information and tools they need to defeat ransomware criminals.

Firstly , we offer a free ransomware assessment , this is conducted by a team of cybersecurity experts.  Our goal is to show your organisation how fast our ransomware protect service can react in your system, while also testing your current security defences to see their reaction to the zero-day file encryption and uncommon file changes on your fileshares. The assessment is done remotely and just takes two hours!

Breach Reporting And Compliance

We take the stress of compliance and breach reporting away from your IT Department

Its no easy task to investigate and compile a report after a ransomware breach , as files can be encrypted on multiple shares and folders all across your network.

In some instances , there is often a set time frame to report breaches to regulatory bodies for GDPR, CCPA, HIIPA and PCI-DSS-regulated entities.

Get the peace of mind you deserve! Our RansomCare (RC) service acts immediately in the event of a breach, thus ensuring few files are likely to be comprised in the first instance. Our fully automated internal and external incident reporting ensures accuracy and compliance.

Ransomware File Encryption

What Will The Ransomware Breach Report Include

Recording the exact time of the attack (beginning to end)

Identify the compromised user and device

Listing all affected files and their owner

Detailing how and when the breach was stopped

Generating an incident report to key stakeholders

Generating an incident report for sharing with Data Protection Authorities



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