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Our Solutions

Business networks are becoming increasingly complex and increasingly vulnerable to attacks, breakdowns, and inefficiencies. Enterprise Defence will deal with these problems to make your network – and your business – more efficient.

Managed SOC Services

Enterprise Defence has developed a platform that rapidly delivers root cause analysis. More often than not, in IT, a single intervention is not enough to permanently solve a problem, even if it appears to be the most sensible solution at the time. Rather than treat “the symptoms”, our experts looks for the underlying causes and tries to solve those – making it much less likely that the problem will happen again. And because our service is backed by a team of network architecture and cybersecurity experts, you can rest assured that we will offer your organisation unrivaled protection against IT threats.

Penetration Testing

There are many obvious advantages to having your network tested, such as: Identifying your weaknesses, mitigating potential attacks, and checking that security measures work. But there are other, less obvious but equally essential advantages too. There are regulations and standards to consider. And your company’s reputation too. Any potential customers are less likely to want to do business with you if you become known for having a vulnerable, unsafe IT infrastructure. And you will be able to focus on your business without worrying if your network is going to let you down.

RansomCare (RC)

The last line of defence that detects and stops active ransomware.

RansomCare (RC) is an agentless solution offering from Enterprise Defence, powered by BullWall. It proactively monitors the activity on file and cloud shares.

Once the solution detects anything suspicious for example file corruption, it automatically triggers a response. Straight away the compromised user device is isolated and disabled while encrypting your data. When all other security solutions in your organisations defence strategy fail, we give you that critical layer of protection.

Managed WAF

A WAF is a practical approach to defend your web applications and portal data. It can understand incoming traffic and identify – and intercept – any attacks.

But WAFs do need to be managed and finely tuned to effectively protect your website. If they are too thorough in their interception, they can block legitimate traffic to your website (which can be just as harmful to your business).

Our Managed Web Application Firewall Services will filter and monitor to and from a web application. It identifies regular usage patterns and spots anything out of the ordinary. If necessary, it will then block traffic it considers potentially harmful to you.

Vulnerability Management Services

Vulnerability management aims to protect your assets against exposure to cybercriminals. We do this by conducting a thorough search of your IT infrastructure using vulnerability scanners, databases, testing, and various other tools. The sorts of vulnerabilities that we often find include: Vulnerabilities in code Inadequate authentication and authorisation mechanisms and Weak access controls and passwords.

Once the vulnerabilities in your system have been identified, we can evaluate how severe a threat each of them is. This evaluation allows you to prioritise those threats and deal with the most serious ones first. We can also provide you with strategies that will help you ensure the vulnerabilities in your system are quickly dealt with.

Architecture Design and Review

It is helpful to think of IT architecture as the foundation of a building. Get the building’s foundations right, and you can successfully build the rest of your structure upon it. Get them wrong, and you will face problems and even a collapse. IT architecture works similarly. The aim is to create a solid foundation for your other IT services to be built upon so that they can best support your business goals.

Good IT architecture is future-proofed. At Enterprise Defence, we understand that as your company’s IT needs change and grow, a solid IT architecture will allow you to reconfigure your network with the minimum of disruption.

Managed SIEM

If you are interested in providing your company with a secure defence against an ever-increasing number of threats handled by experts, get in touch with us here at Enterprise Defence. We will hold a complimentary workshop with you to understand what your aims are for your business.

We will use that information to create a plan that identifies your current situation and a strategy to take it to where you want your IT security to be. And once we implement that plan, we make sure it’s working by continually assessing its fitness for the purpose of giving you round-the-clock peace of mind.

Cyber and Infrastructure Fitness Assessment

At Enterprise Defence, we have a team of top-flight infrastructure security experts. They will run simulated cyber-attacks designed to give you a clearer picture of any weaknesses in your network, then benchmark it against industry standards and frameworks. But not only will you exactly know if there are any problems with your infrastructure.

At Enterprise Defence, we can help you meet those industry compliance standards. So, you can prove to your clients that they can trust you with their information – and their business

Managed Firewall

As you can imagine, deploying the various firewalls is a skilled job. And even if you have an IT department, do they have the skills or time to dedicate to such an essential part of your cybersecurity? Ineffective management of your company’s firewall could lead to significant data breaches with disastrous consequences. News stories of prominent organisations being attacked by ransomware are becoming increasingly common. You certainly don’t want yours to be next.

At Enterprise Defence, we offer the latest firewall technology, managed by experts in the field. This combination of tech and experience dramatically reduces the risk of network breaches. It eases the pressure on your IT department while giving you the expertise and support you need to keep your business safe.

Setting the standard for converged technology operations!

24/7 access to the expertise and technology that secures your IT cloud environment and responds instantly to potential security threats. With the insight we get from managing the security of many different environments.

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