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Transform your cyber confidence with a Digitalisation Voucher from Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland supports - Local Enterprise Office - Galway

Enterprise Ireland can fund a Digitalisation Voucher to cover up to 100% of the cost of a 10-day consultancy engagement (to a value of €9,000). Apply the Digitalisation Voucher for a review of cybersecurity risks and recommendations to reduce it. Voucher can also be applied for working towards international security standards.

Digital transformation is a key component of an overall business transformation strategy, and while not the only factor, it’s critical to the success or failure of any transformation effort. The right technologies – coupled with people, processes, and operations – give organizations the ability to adapt quickly to disruption and/or opportunities; meet new and evolving customer needs; and drive future growth and innovation, often in unexpected ways.

With change and transformation comes risk!

To tackle the cyber threats that all organisations face today, decision makers within business must ensure they have an integrated cybersecurity strategy in place which is specific to the organisation.

Benefits to a fully integrated cybersecurity strategy include:

  1. Minimise unexpected losses
  2. Help protect business productivity
  3. Increase Buy-In from stakeholders for cybersecurity spending
  4. Protect critical business data
  5. Protect you business reputation

Enterprise Defence is an approved provider for the Enterprise Ireland Digitalisation Voucher. This initiative is designed to support companies preparing for the adoption of digital tools and techniques across the business. Contact us to learn more about how to apply the voucher – we would be delighted to assist in your Digital Transformation Journey.

Email: Phone: +353 818 229 239