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Experts in cyber risk management.

The benefits of Enterprise Defence

Knowing where you need to focus on with cyber security is much easier when you know where you stand right now.

You will be better protected against threats

Any breaches can be dealt with effectively

Your IT will run more smoothly, which means fewer irritations on a day-to-day level

Our Customers love what we do

Want to know what other customers are saying about our services? Take a look at our testimonials!

Enterprise Defence provided us with significant clarity on our network vulnerabilities and integrity using penetration testing services and security awareness training for our staff which entailed simulated phishing attacks! The report information provided was a valuable asset to our IT department , backed up by expert security advisors. As a business, we now have a clearer picture of where our cyber risks are! – Martin Monaghan (Group IT Manager

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With Enterprise Defence, we have greater day to day visibility of network activity and early detection of malicious traffic supported by trusted security advisors! – David O Sullivan (Head of IT)


Our Partners

We’re fortunate to have a number of dedicated partners who have made a commitment to support our work.

Setting the standard for converged technology operations!

24/7 access to the expertise and technology that secures your IT cloud environment and responds instantly to potential security threats. With the insight we get from managing the security of many different environments.

AIBF - All Ireland Business Foundation - Enterprise Defence Cyber Risk Experts

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Our experienced team is on-hand to assess your Security needs and help you benchmark your organisation against international standards including CIS, NIST, ISO and many more . Let’s start a conversation about how we can support your business.


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